Saturday, December 8, 2007

Video of the week #2 and #3

I almost's Friday, time for my vid of the week....even though I forgot last Friday. (I can still call it "vid of the week" if I want to, even though I've only posted one once.)

Anyway, to make for my negligence last Friday (what was I doing last Friday?), I shall post two vids tonight, one funny, one inspirational, as the first vid was both at the same time. (Disclaimer: The funny vid will almost always be of Mark Lowry, as he's my favorite comedian, but I'm sure I'll pepper in some other funny stuff as well every once in a while.

Video #2

David Phelps has an amazing voice to be sure, but it's the words of this song that always get to me. The introduction by Joni Earickson Tada is very encouraging as well. "Praises to the great I Am. We will live in the light of the risen Lamb!"

LOL! I have seen this video so many times, but it never fails to crack me up.

And now I have to run to the bathroom.


Bhedr said...

Thank you anointed sis. I started breaking down and weeping so hard I didnt know what was happening. Praise God he will erase from our minds that which we for so long struggle not to remember. Thank you sis. I have to post this as well. How truly wonderful it will be and what hope we have to leave this mouth of hell that we live in now to transcend into eternity into the beloved arms of Jesus who will forever sheild us from our sorrow.

IndweltDaughter said...

You're so very welcome dear brother. I always cry when I think about it as well. Thank you for sharing how you were encouraged, for you have now encouraged me.

And yes, it will be so wonderful when we will "have no more need to remember" the sorrows we experience here on earth. But until then, it's almost as wonderful to realize how much better we can get to know Him through the "fellowship of His sufferings." May we all remember this as we remain here on this earth, always living in the hope of the future that awaits us in our Saviours home.