Friday, April 10, 2009

Encouraging Notes From a Relative

I know an update is due, especially since my life has been able to slow down quite a bit in the last few weeks, but first I want to share something that I read on my cousin Dave's blog today. He and his twin brother, Karl, own a photography studio, and Dave's blog is really fun to look at because of all the photos he posts on it. (Karl also has a great website with photos. My absolute favorites are definitely from when David and his wife Rachel spent several months doing mission work in China, and Karl went to visit them at one point. The China pictures are BEAUTIFUL.)

But anyway, this post that Dave wrote really encouraged me. Here's a quotation:

Something I’ve been experiencing lately is a change in my relationship with God. I’ve realized that I’ve always had this legalistic, contractual view of my relationship with Him. If I do this or that He will give me eternal salvation…right? How pointless is that? And yet a lot of the Christian community is trapped into this type of relationship without even knowing it.

We were not created to live a contractual relationship with God. We were created to experience a relationship with him. God is not confined inside the Church walls or the Bible, he is everywhere, in all good things and I want to experience Him as such.

Check out the rest of the post here, and check out the photography too if you want.