Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Blog- Eruanna Melda's Romance

First off, (and this is directed at you Christopher,) don't laugh at the name. Go to the blog, read the introduction pages and then you can laugh at me.

I haven't written anything yet, story wise, but I'm going to. I think it's high time I finally started utilizing Write or Die.

I've also been highly challenged by a newcomer to my blog, for which I am very grateful. Constructive criticism from fellow writers is just not emphasized as important enough anymore. Or maybe people just aren't willing to be honest with people regarding what they think. (Or they're too honest, and attack those they disagree with rather than being constructive.)

So, as my first step of showing my gratitude for the welcomed critique, I will be posting a "Word of the Day" every day possible, and using it in a post someway that relates to the title of this blog. I think it's about time I paid attention to that again.

If anyone else has anything to say, either here or any of my fiction blogs, (because there are more to come,) please, don't hesitate, I welcome it.

Update: I used Write or Die this morning for 10 minutes, and I got over 500 words written. Amazing how quickly the words of a story will come to you when you're forced to just write. I'm going to be using it again tonight, hopefully for an hour or two total, and the goal is to get a chapter published on the new blog before I go to bed.


A Natural Christian Ponderer said...

Yes, I snickered at your name for the new blog with thoughts of light teasing. But, I backed off until I went to the blog itself as you requested. I will not be teasing you except for the fact you used Tolkien elvish. Though the names you used are great for you. I'm proud of you for taking initiative with your writing.

IndweltDaughter said...

Lol. And thank you sweetheart. (And go ahead and snicker. You know I deserve it.)